By Dan O’Reilly-Rowe, 2009.

This discussion facilitation model is good for getting groups of people who have just met to get up, move around the room, and speak to each other. It can be used to discuss a particular topic, or simply as a way of introducing people.


  • Get a group of people speaking to each other, moving about in a space.




10 – 20 minutes


  • Something that plays music


  1. All participants stand up.
  2. Facilitator gives the group instructions for how the activity will go down:
    • The facilitator will play music.
    • When the music’s on, you’ve got to be moving. Dance if you want, but if you don’t want to dance, you still have to move around the room.
    • When the music stops, pair up with the nearest person to you. Preferably it’s someone you don’t know already.
    • The facilitator will ask a question, that both of you will answer and discuss. The topic of the question could relate to the purpose or focus of the group, or might just be an ice-breaker designed to get people talking to one another.
    • After a few minutes the facilitator will play music and everyone will move again.
    • When the music stops, find your new partner. It cannot be the same person as last time.
  3. At the end of the facilitator’s questions, return to the circle and ask for a few people to shout out something interesting they learned about one of their fellow participants.

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