By Dan O’Reilly-Rowe, 2009.

A simple theatre game in which participants take a random object and act as if it is something else. Can be used as an energizer/icebreaker or could be modified to become the basis for a video production activity.


  • Participants gain confidence in proposing ideas to the group
  • Exercise imagination
  • Practice physically expressive acting


  • An object to improvise with


  • 10-20 minutes


  • Begin with the group standing in a circle
  • Present an object to the group. The object could be something familiar (a box, a broom, a plate… just about anything) or something unidentifiable (a random chunk of plastic, a strange piece of wood…)
  • Facilitator demonstrates the activity by taking the first turn. One at a time, participants step into the centre of the circle, take the object, and say “This is not a (whatever the last person said it was), it’s a…” and then act with the object in a way that suggests that it is something other than what it is, without speaking. For example, a paper plate could become a steering wheel, a frisbee, a hat, a pimple…etc.
  • Other participants shout out their guess for what they think is being represented.
  • Another person steps into the circle and takes up the object and gives it a new meaning.
  • This activity works best when facilitators keep it moving quickly from one person to the next.

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