By Morgan Sully, 2010.

After all of your hard work, you (and your community!) deserve to put a festival on to showcase your creative works!  Here’s what you’ll need to put on your very own festival.  If you are able to answer these five questions, than you’ve got yourself a festival ready to go!

  1. Who
    Who is this festival for? Who will be showcasing their work?
  2. Why
    Why are you putting on this festival? Why is it important?
  3. What
    What’s the name of the festival? Come up with something creative.
  4. Where
    Where will the showing take place? Do you have the appropriate technology/space to show the works? What kinds of things will you need? What is the format of the works to be shared? Music (you’ll need at least a nice stereo/PA system)? Video (do you have a television that you can share it on?  Maybe a video projector might work?  Can you borrow one?  Maybe the local library/school might have a space with the required technology)?
  5. When
    When will the showcase happen? How long will the festival last?

Other things to consider:

You can’t do this alone
Might you be able to recruit some friends and family members to help out? What about other local businesses or groups? Maybe some of them have some resources that you could share (food, equipment, space, volunteers). Festivals work best with local partnerships and friends – together.

Food is a *great* way to bring people together. Are there any local restaurants or cooks that might want to contribute food? If not, how will you provide snacks and refreshments for attendees? Never underestimate the power of the sausage sizzle!

What kinds of amplification/projection will you need for sound and video? Projections on large blank walls can work well. Old stereos, amplifiers and (preferably) PA systems can work quite well too.

Don’t ever forget to acknowledge the hard work and creative energy that your community puts in to itself – this is *key* to having future successful events.