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Dear Curious Folk,

Ever struggled in the kitchen? Let Ama and Chan show you how to cook the best fluffy white rice and woo your partner with a delicious, romantic meal in their new comedy web series, Kitchen Rescue. Their motto? Saving stupid people from doing stupid things in the kitchen!

After our sold-out premiere of The Other Journey at 2011's Parramasala festival, the show is touring to Tasmania's international arts festival, Ten Days on the Island. Tasmanians: please join us along the banks of the Derwent River for what promises to be another enchanting season of stories from Australia's Sri Lankan community, this time with a local twist.

Finally, we're thrilled to announce that our Artistic Director S.Shakthidharan is Carriagework's inaugural Associate Artist. From 2013-2015 Shakthi will be leading a new large scale transmedia project through this role, in partnership (of course) with CuriousWorks. You can learn more about it in his first blog post in the position, which ranges from TV series True Blood to Indian classical music... 
The Other Journey
Take an audiovisual journey with us along the banks of the mighty Derwent River.
Why Transmedia?
Over the next three years Shakthi has tasked himself with building not an artwork, or a body of work, but a world.
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