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Dear Curious Folk,

We're thrilled to announce that CuriousWorks has received Key Producers support from The Australia Council for the Arts. CuriousWorks was one of fourteen organisations to be offered this six year funding. According to the Australia Council, the "Key Producer category is for organisations that have demonstrated outstanding success and leadership in community arts and cultural development." This is game changing news for CuriousWorks and to be honest it'll take a little while for the news to settle in for us! We can't wait to design and implement long term artistic works with the communities we collaborate with across Australia.

Nepean Youth Channel Launches

Meanwhile, our Community Program has been developing deep roots in Penrith, Western Sydney. For the past year CuriousWorks have been mentoring young media makers from the Nepean to produce a series of films taking aim at binge drinking. Visit their channel to uncover some facts and dispel some myths around drinking and youth culture in Western Sydney today.

Fresh from a wonderful tour of The Other Journey to Tasmania's Ten Days on the Island, our Artistic Program has now switched focus to The Damn Project. Centered on a collaboration with traditional communities in remote India living amongst large scale dam development, The Damn Project is shaping up to be a transporting work that takes you into the heart of these fighting, innovative people.

An audiovisual show will premiere in Brisbane at Encounters Festival this week. Then performers from acclaimed Indian dance company Attakkalari will be joining us for a performance season at the Sunshine Coast's Floating Land festival. If you're in Queensland, these shows are not to be missed. Come by and say hi!
Premiering at two international arts festivals in QLD this May.
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