We’ve pondered, reflected, analysed and finally recorded what 2015 has meant in CuriousWorks history.

Our latest Annual Report is out and, as appropriate for a creative media arts company, we’ve digested the 12 months to three minutes of video highlights.

When we say “we”, we mean we handed that editing task to our young Curious Creator Shawn Spina.

He has done a superb job as you can see below. If that gets you curious, you can download and read the full Annual Report here.

Viewing Shawn’s work has reminded us what an important year 2015 was for the company. In the words of our Chairperson Rachel Kerry, it was “an immensely valuable year of consolidation, creativity collaboration and expression”.

“Without doubt, one of the company’s greatest achievements was to find itself in the spotlight of the Sydney Film Festival. The selection of Riz to be shown at such a celebrated festival is evidence of the appetite for high quality, genuine community storytelling to a broad audience,” Rachel said.

It was also the year we began production on Myth (a large-screen work predicted to attract a million viewers globally), launched the second series of our Meet+Eat web documentaries and rekindled our flagship school education program ReFill.

During the year, we also witnessed our Curious Creators taking on significantly more responsibility, not only developing their own skills further but starting to lead on projects and begin to pass on what they have learnt to another generation of emerging artists in Western Sydney.

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