Curious Creator Miranda Aguilar had a four-day creative development at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre to work on her latest play Let Me Know When You Get Home, with tremendous support from cast and crew members, which resulted in a wonderful showcase night on the 9th of August to an audience of friends, family and industry guests.

“I am truly grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity that was given to me from my amazing creative development team and everyone who came to the showing. It can be difficult to share your work with other people, especially when you’re sharing it with the express purpose of asking for criticism and feedback, but even at its most nerve-wracking, the entire experience has been incredibly rewarding and joyful. I wouldn’t be as excited and prepared for the next step without everyone being so open and giving.” Miranda Aguilar

Top to bottom, left to right: Tasnim Hossain, Sophea Op, Miranda Aguilar, Valerie Berry, Rose Maher, Gloria Demillo, Bee Cruise

We’d like to say thank you to the development team and actors involved, everyone who came to the showing as well as Playwriting Australia, Blacktown Arts Centre and Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre who helped make this happen.

About the play

Let Me Know When You Get Home (previously Into the Closet) is  a coming of age story about friendships and fall outs, first loves and heartaches, birth families and chosen families, and ultimately, what it’s like growing up queer in Western Sydney. Its main character, Val, a Filipina teenage lesbian, sets out to the city in search of the queer community she lacks back home in Fairfield.