October eNews
Date: Saturday, 27th of October, 1:00pm
Venue:  Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre

We celebrated our webseries launch with our South West Sydney family, so now we’re celebrating its upcoming finale with our family up north in Blacktown.

Join the cast and crew for an afternoon of barbecue, salsa and sangria on Saturday, 27th of October, at 1:00PM at the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre as we celebrate the webseries we couldn’t have made without our community.

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LAS ROSAS OFFICIAL LAUNCH at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

We officially launched our web-series Las Rosas on 06 October to a room full of enthusiastic audience at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey. We’re so grateful for the love and support you’ve shown us. Thank you to Auntie Lyn Watson for her educational Welcome to Country, to Lena Nahlous Diversity Arts Australia for speaking so eloquently about the need for diverse story-telling, to Hernan Flores and Luciana Valentina for their beautiful performances, and lastly, to our director’s mum, Mama Montalvo, for officially launching the web-series.

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Watch Las Rosas here


every day we pass strangers; and
we might take the chance to stop at the place where our eyes meet.

beyond refuge: dialogues are five cinema poems by Australian artists who share a refugee / asylum seeker experience. This quarter oversees amazing progress as the small film crews led by Ali Al Azeez, Ali Mousawi, Elham BehinAein, Daisy Montalvo and Samia Halabi have completed the scripts and wrapped up principal photography of their cinema poems and stories of parallel lives, family and time passing.

Check their progress here

Last month, the CuriousWorks team and our Curious Creators got together for our annual Story Circle retreat in a quaint and beautiful nature lodge in Grose Vale, NSW. Over the course of 2 days, we had a chance to reflect on past works, share new inspirations and stories and brainstorm future project ideas. It was amazing having (almost) everyone together, discussing our strengths, skills and encouraging team development. Thank you to everyone that came and looking forward to another productive year at CuriousWorks!

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