International Women’s Day on March 8, heralded the gathering of CuriousWomen at CuriousWorks. Nine young women artists and cultural leaders gathered to explore, express and plan our coming year. The network currently includes eleven women between 17 – 30 years of age, who together, connect and share a space + time for building strength and opening up new visions. 

Photo of Jessica Phoebe Hana and Marwa Al Munajed on set of My Name is Mohamed and Raghad. We don’t exist here anymore.

Grounded in community and acknowledging our differences –  this group embraces our heritage, languages and cultures from across the globe, connected to every continent on Earth. As CuriousWomen, we are concerned with enduring realities for women and women artists, including how to thrive despite systemic global violence, how to breathe despite the onslaught of noise,  how to be both a Mother, if we choose and hold a public role as artist, cultural leader and community advocate. .. We are exploring how to make a living from our gifts, how to fail well, desire, love, combat injustice and enact justice for our sisters and ourselves. Our work and optimism honours the many Mothers and Aunties who have encouraged us!

Photo from Samia Halabi’s Trinity shoot

Stay tuned. CuriousWomen!

Next stop, a weekend intensive in April meeting up with seriously experienced women artists and community workers with knowledge to share…