After its showing during the 2019 Mardi Gras season at PLAYLIST 2019, Let Me Know When You Get Home made its way back to Penrith as part of The Q Theatre’s Long Table

Long Table is a new initiative by Q Theatre, a way to bring in communities and activate The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in an entirely new way. It kicked off in April with Home Land, curated by Vonne Patiag, a month of events centred around the CALD community. Miranda was invited to share a reading of her work-in-progress.

The reading focused on the friendship between its characters Val and Thi, following their arc across the play. The scenes touched upon their fears and desires of the future and adulthood, familial relationships, finding love, and how to make a childhood friendship last into adulthood.

The creative development period around this play reading was short, but fruitful. The audience was receptive and generous with their feedback, with one audience member writing on the feedback sheets: “Easily the warmest + most welcoming Play Reading I’ve experienced! Thank you xx.”

Thank you to Eunice Andrada and May Tran for stepping in as readers, and to Val Berry for her continued effort and support as the director of this new work.

Let Me Know When You Get Home will continue its creative development in early June.

This event would not have been possible without the efforts of Nick Atkins, Emele Ugavule, Ian Zammit and the rest of the Q Theatre team, Home Land curator, Vonne Patiag, and the support of the Curious Women program headed by Caitlin Newton-Broad.

All photography  and videography by Sivani Yaddanapudi.