What happens after a project is done? At CuriousWorks, emerging artists build up their skills, talents and experience on various arts, community and social enterprise projects. Every project is a learning experience, no matter what your role in it is. We’ve had the privilege of seeing how the Curious Creators have grown and developed as artists, but it can be difficult to track a person’s progress just through social media posts and occasional project outcomes. So we’ve asked some of the Curious Creators to reflect back on some of their past projects and share their perspectives.

Sivani Yaddanapudi is a Curious Creator and member of the CuriousWomen program. She first came on to assist in documenting one of the Let Me Know When You Get Home creative developments in August 2018. We asked her to reflect on her experience working on Journey to Social Housing, the social enterprise project made with Wentworth Community Housing, and the first major project she worked on with CuriousWorks. This is the first vieo-based creative reflection we’ve received! We’ll be posting more creative reflections from the Curious Creators on our Youtube channel.

You can read more about Sivani and the other projects she’s been involved in here.

Photo provided by Sivani. The Journey to Social Housing project can be found here.