Spring 2019 eNews
Time to Bloom
Prototype: A first or preliminary version from which other forms are designed.

Spring is a great time for testing, nurturing, and growing new works and ideas. Across the year, we have been testing new forms like CuriousTV and Just Visiting, nurturing new works like Prone to the Drone and Let Me Know When You Get Home, and growing together through our working relationships with our communities and compatriots. We are celebrating FUNPARK‘s inclusion in NIRIN 2020 Biennale of Sydney which recognises culture at the grassroots. After a long year of planting seeds, it’s finally time see what’s bloomed.

Urban Stories: Prototype is a showcase of works-in-progress from CuriousWorks artists that highlights our communities, concerns and perspectives. Using every form of art – from theatre, to one-shot films to Virtual Reality mystery tours, Urban Stories celebrates the ingenuity of young artists’ creative vision and passion for their stories and communities.

It’s so important that creators have the time and space to research, prepare, experiment, produce and share their exciting prototypes. Shed some light and watch them bloom! 

Urban Stories: Prototype Showcase
When: Tuesday, 12 November 6PM – 8PM
Where: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, 1 Powerhouse Rd, Casula 
(entry via Shepherd St, Liverpool)

We’ll see you there,