Be the Change! Daisy Montalvo represented FUNPARK with her press conference panelists, the Social Revolutionaries- Savarna Russell, Andrew Llamas and Robin Hardge-Scott speaking up alongside FUNPARK founder Kaz Therese.  The Social Revs gave the public a taste of the press conference  at our 2019 Urban Stories, and presented the final conference to 300 delegates from around Australia listening to young people’s perspectives on the change they want to create in community.

They were flanked by Jesica Montalvo and her awesome crew from the Council of the Future, asking adult delegates to remember being a teen – and asking what they would need to thrive in their community. This is what the experience was in her words:

“Mount Druitt had their first climate change conference and I wanted to ensure that they would give young people a voice & they absolutely did. We were given a session to run on Wednesday & Shayne and I were invited to join a panel with passionate environmentalist who are working in the field. I felt absolutely intimidated to be seating on the same panel as these amazing people. However, after the panel we had several people come up to us and ask for contact details and possible future project collaborations. I am beyond grateful for this experience & I cannot wait to see where 2020 takes me.” 

The wonderful Therese Wilson also hosted tea and talked about the history of Australian public housing in the 2770 region! A truly inter-generational and intercultural conversation led by First Nations first – on the grounds of the new First Nations Cultural Centre – Kimberwalli! We are so excited for the new tall trees growing in 2770 – thanks to all the support and nourishment by all the people on the ground.

If you weren’t able to make it, check out the amazing overview shot and edited by Curious Creator and Blacktown region local, Sivani Yaddanapudi!