On November 30th, 2019, CuriousWorks held its second Story Circle, our annual gathering to review, evaluate and celebrate the past year’s progress, and think deeply about where we’ll be going in the year ahead. Fifteen of us (staff and Curious Creators) gathered at Bustle Studio to review our past year and discuss our plans, goals and dreams for 2020 + 2021. 

In the morning, we reviewed the year that was. We thought of what words we’ve associated with CuriousWorks this year (including, but not limited to: ‘non-stop,’ ’empowering,’ and ‘pride.’). We reminded each other of our highlights and brain-stormed solutions to our low-lights. Everyone was open and generous with their feedback, and it was clear that even when things were stressful, everyone was committed to trying again and supporting each other the best ways we can.

 In the afternoon, we were joined by artist, cultural worker and creative producer, Claudia Chidiac. She shared (part of) her story in how she became the amazing cultural and community leader she is, and some of the wisdom she’s accrued while facing her challenges. We then split into groups to think about what our personal skills and values are, and how our personal vision for the next two years can align with CuriousWorks plans and vice-versa.  Our very last agenda item of the day was to ‘big up’ every person there, and let them know how much we recognise and appreciate them.

We have so much love and appreciation for everyone who was able to give up their Saturday to join us this weekend. Story Circle gave us a lot to think about, and we’re so excited for the possibilities open to us in the new year!