"How are you adapting to your new normal?" We’ve heard this question constantly over the past few months, and to be honest, it's not our favourite phrase. Adapting is something artists have always done, and something we've always had to do, and our 'new normal' is not that new. For years, we've adjusted and readjusted to an increasingly lean financial odds that test our country's cultural livelihood; We've resisted against a media landscape that often silences diverse voices; and we've adapted to issues in our community that started long before we started social distancing. We're very proud of how we've adapted so far. Makers Space has moved to meeting and creating online in Zoom calls and Discord chats. We've started live online workshops for ReFILL and FUNPARK participants, as well as crafting take-home FUNPACKS so students can stay creative at home on + offline. And we're launching a new film festival, Western Sydney Shorts, with Blacktown Arts this Friday. That said, A lot of the work we're doing is a continuation of work and conversations we've been having: how do we advocate for digital equity? How do we bring attention to oft-ignored artistic talents growing in Western Sydney? How do we stay connected? As social distancing regulations start to relax, we are not looking for a return to our 'old normal;' we're looking at what work we can do to make tomorrow's 'normal' better than yesterday's.
FUNPARK returns, bringing its live workshop program online! In addition to the take-home FUNPACKS that were lovingly prepared for the families of Bidwill, FUNPARK has started releasing their live workshop program, every Wednesday at 4PM on their Facebook page.  All you need is a phone or computer to join the fun! Tune in to FUNPARK's facebook page and #GetFUNPARKed.

Blacktown Arts and CuriousWorks presents Western Sydney Shorts, an online festival of Western Sydney films curated by Blacktown artist Vonne Patiag, co-produced by Miranda Aguilar.

From the 15th May to the 19th June, eight films (seven short films and one feature) will be released via Blacktown Arts’ social media platforms every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7.30 pm, remaining available for only 10 days.

At a time where everyone is at home and bombarded with choices for what to watch, we want to remind people of the quality and talent of Western Sydney filmmakers. You can check out the full program (which may include some familiar projects making their online premiere) on the Blacktown Arts website here.

Lastly, even as we continue to look forward, we're still making time to reflect and evaluate how we've done so far. 2019 may feel like a lifetime ago, but it was only a year ago that we were at Sydney Film Festival for Prone to the Drone, hosting our first WOW Festival livestream and premiering My Name is Mohamed and Raghad - We Don't Exist Here Anymore before it started touring at festivals around the world. You can read up on all these things and more in our beautiful, online-only 2019 Annual Report, designed by Huy Nguyen. We are deeply grateful to all of our supporters, funders, partners and friends who have made the work we do possible. If you are able, please consider supporting us this end of financial year! CuriousWorks is a registered Australian charity, and all charitable donations over $2 are tax deductible.  Stay Warm + Stay Safe The CuriousWorks Team