Over the month of August, CuriousWorks has been exchanging online with the extraordinary multi-arts, ‘edge’ performance outfit, Komunidad X (the anti-disciplinary collective arm of the Sipat Lawin Ensemble) from Manila, Philippines. Founding director, JK Anicoche, with members Sig and Adrienne have been introducing CuriousWorks artists and workers to their action-based philosophy in community participation. Together, we have been chewing over this moment in history and sharing our connections: working closely with suburban communities to create work.

Over four separate Zoom workshops, CuriousWorks and Komunidad X have been exploring how art and community intersect; looking at the concept of ‘third spaces’; decolonising notions of performance; and just generally thinking more about how we can bring our collective dreaming and transform it into collective action.

Valerie Berry, director/ performer and CuriousWorks’ mentor has been leading this exchange which is fuel for GENerate 2168, our project in Miller, Liverpool which is dreaming up a high octane, creative youth and community space.

This month’s exchange was just the beginning! We look forward to doing much more with our friends at Komunidad X!