The Western Sydney Arts Alliance was formed this year in response to COVID-19, lack of support, and the looming ‘cultural emergency’ in the region. In June, we were one of the many Western Sydney-based organisations that responded to the NSW Government Stimulus Package for the Arts.Western Sydney artists and arts organisations have now come together once again with a new video campaign.

Over the course of November, artists and organisations shared the social media campaign #LoveWSArts, where organisations shared videos from Western Sydney based artists and community leaders shared their experiences with the brilliant arts and cultural activity in Western Sydney – and why we all love Western Sydney Arts so much. These videos have been made by visual artists, dancers, musicians, theatre-makers and more. They include videos from Curious Creators Daisy Montalvo and Huy Nguyen – who also happened to design the new Western Sydney Arts Alliance logo.

We shared a number of videos across our social media platforms which you can watch here on our #LoveWSArts playlist. You can also explore the hashtag to see what other Western Sydney organisations have to say about art and culture in Western Sydney.

CuriousWorks is proud to be a member of the WSAA. What do you love about arts and culture in Western Sydney?