How we stayed connected during social isolation

From March 2020, this is how we kept ourselves busy, creative and connected during quarantine. Edited by Diego Murillo
Happy Summer Everyone!
Happy Holidays to all our Curious Family and Friends! After the year we've all had, we hope you're all able to take the time to rest, relax and recharge. Despite the pandemic rapidly changing our 2020 plans, it's worth remembering the many things that did happen: FUNPARK 2020's digital festival and documentary launched online; Western Sydney organisations and artists came together to support local art and culture and find solutions for digital inequity; and despite everything, we found ways to stay creative and connected throughout the year - even if it was through Zoom calls and Animal Crossing. CuriousWorks is closing its doors for the year on December 23rd, and will return January 11th. Close your work, ignore your emails, take a break - we all deserve it.
Thank you for WFH with us!
Thank you to everyone who joined us from your offices, homes and home offices for our live-streamed end-of-year event, Urban Stories: WFHOur hour-long online experience featured live interviews, Zoom guests, interactive games and plenty of other surprises. It was an absolute behemoth, and we are so proud of this mammoth effort by the Curious Creators. Missed the live-stream? That's okay! You can still watch the full video on our website here. And if you're impressed by the Curious Creators live-streaming prowess, be sure to get in contact with us next year about our Live Broadcasting Services.
Caitlin at WOWFest 2019 at the Edible Country stand. She's standing in front of a table of painted and unpainted clay circles and gesturing with an open hand to the right.
Hello's & Goodbye's
We're finishing off this year with some bittersweet news. On the sweeter side, we're happy to welcome Andrea Lim as our new Creative Director! We've had the pleasure of working with her through Fairfield City Council (CuriousTV!), and we're so excited to see what direction she and the Artistic Directorate will steer us into next year. Welcome, Andrea! Look out for her official introduction once she takes up the mantle next year. But as we say hello to new friends, we also have to say our goodbyes. Community Director, Caitlin Newton-Broad, is leaving CuriousWorks at the end of this year. Though we hate to see her go, we're so grateful for the passion, energy and mentorship she's given us over the years. Here's Caitlin's goodbye, in her words:
"After 6 years, working for CuriousWorks' community program, I am saying goodbye. It has been a real privilege to work in the CuriousWorks' wide community of young people, artists, educators and workers of all stripes -  and to have come to know some places and people, deeply. Thank you to everyone for making this a time of endless invention, creativity, and offering such quality support and ground-up wisdom. To Grandfather Sun, waking me up on nye gnoreng surrounded by birds -  to pushing a shopping trolley with an expensive camera and a grown man under Parramatta/ Burramattagal bridge, I won't forget this time and the hilarious, open-hearted friends I have made at CuriousWorks. I am so excited about what everyone is poised to make next year. Much love and peace for the coming year and I will be sure to be in the audience!"
A selfie from StoryCircle 2020 featuring the CuriousWorks staff and Curious Creators
A Last Note of Cautious Optimism and Gratitude
The news is changing rapidly, and it looks like NSW might be spending Christmas in quarantine. After a long, tumultuous year, this feels like just one more cruel twist before the year finally bows out. It can feel very difficult to be optimistic at times like these. Whatever happens, we know that we've survived through 11 months of a year of bushfires, unrest and a global plague. We managed to stay connected and care for one another while keeping our distance. One way or another, we'll do it again. If this year has taught us anything, it is how vital our connection to community is, whether it's local, global, or online. Thank you to all our supporters, partners, and friends for sticking with us. Thank you to our Management Committee for your steadfast stewardship. Thank you to the First Nations Elders and emerging leadership for your continued custodianship of the land where we work and live. We'll see you on the other side of 2021. Warmly, The CuriousWorks Team