CuriousWorks is proud to announce Tiffany Lee-Shoy, one of the leading practitioners in community and cultural development in Western Sydney,  as our Management Committee’s new Chair. Tiffany officially joined our governing board at last year’s Annual General Meeting, but she’s been a long time advocate for CuriousWorks. She’s publicly supported CuriousWorks since our early days, when she was Cultural Development Manager and Senior Policy Advisor at Fairfield City Council.  Her support was vital to the creation of The Stories Project, a social enterprise development project that worked with filmmakers from migrant and refugee backgrounds in Fairfield (the Urban Stories crew) and three generations of Martu people in Central Western Australia (The Desert Crew). 

Tiffany is bringing to the role her wealth of knowledge and experience as an artist, arts manager and cultural strategist working across Western Sydney. She has sat on the Boards and Committees of various not-for-profit organisations and State and Federal government agencies, including Information and Cultural Exchange, the Australia Council for the Arts. Tiffany is also a staunch advocate for the powerful role stories and collaborative art-making can play in healing, self-determination, community connection, place and economic revitalisation.

We would also like to extend a sincere thanks to Melinda Muth for her years of dedicated service as our Chair Person. Since 2015, Melinda has led CuriousWorks Management Committee through the triumphs and challenges we faced across the years. Thank you, Melinda! 

After the challenges of 2020, we are entering 2021 with multi-year funding, a new chair, and some new staff (to be introduced soon!).  We are so happy to have Tiffany Lee-Shoy as CuriousWorks new Chair. We’re looking forward to seeing how our new Chair and the Management Committee will guide us through 2021! 


You can learn more about Tiffany and the other members of the CuriousWorks Management Committee here

You can learn more about The Stories Project here.