CuriousWorks has launched Make Yourself At Home, an online experience where audiences explore the rooms and perspectives of the Makers Space artists in quarantine.

All through last year, the Makers Space artists met remotely to develop Make Yourself At Home. The work became a time-capsule of 2020 – an interactive experience where you explore a house, interacting with the objects and environment throughout the house to reveal snippets of the residents’ lives.

It combines 360 degree photography, video, audio, and a host of online services to recreate the experiences and emotions of the artists in quarantine.

The work invites audiences to consider their own socially distanced experiences and ask questions like:

What do our bedrooms say about us? 

What does your house become when it’s the only place you can be? 

Did people collect pop vinyls during the Spanish Flu?

After a year of distanced art-making and experience-testing, the work is now out of quarantine and available to the public. Whether you’re on your phone or a laptop, make sure you get some headphones, get comfy, and Make Yourself At Home. 

You can learn more about the Makers Space program here.