Shawn Spina walks through the basics of a live stream video set up in this tutorial. Watch the video and/or read through the transcript to learn more about how to start streaming videos online.

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Toolkit Entry by Shawn Spina


Hello, and welcome to the CuriousWorks Basic live stream video setup.

In this video, I will be going through a few steps on how to setup a Basic Video Live Stream for LIVE Interviews, Conferences, Concerts or Theatre Shows.


For a Live stream you’re gonna need some gear. In this video, I’ll be using:
An iMac Pro Desktop
A Canon 80D Camera (Can also use a DSLR, camcorder, mobile phone, webcam)
The Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder
The H4n Zoom Field Recorder and NTG-1 Microphone
Be sure to have the correct cables when setting up: HDMI to Mini HDMI, XLR Male to Female and USB Mini to USB A)

We’ll start off by connecting the Camera to the computer.
– First Connect the HDMI Mini into the Camera

and plug the HDMI into the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder
– From there connect the thunderbolt cable into Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder
– And Finally Thunderbolt to the iMac Pro

– Connect the XLR Cable to the NTG-1 Microphone
– And then connect the other side of the XLR to the H4 ZOOM
– Connect the H4 Zoom Recorder using a Mini USB to USB A Cable
– The H4 will boot up
– It’ll have two options STORAGE or AUDIO, select AUDIO
– And then select CONNECT if you’re happy with FREQUENCY settings

Now that the gear has been set up we’re ready to go into OBS!

– It is time to open up OBS
– Create a new “Scene”, either by RIght clicking in the box where scene is or by pressing the plus symbol at the bottom
– After that create a “Source” by also right clicking or pressing the plus symbol at the bottom of source
– For your Video Setup, go to “Source”, “Add” and “Video Capture Device”

– In the box click on “Device” and select “BlackMagic Device”
– And then the video feed should pop-up and be ready to go
– And same thing with your Audio Setup
– Right click in “Source”
– Select “Audio Input Device”
– In the box again click Device and select “H4” and then done
– But if you want be able to check and monitor audio
– Go to “Audio Mixer” and click on the gear symbol and click on “Advanced Audio Properties”
– Select what Audio you want to “Monitor” click on Audio Monitoring and select “Monitor
and Output”
– Now we’re ready to link OBS with the social media platform

– To link OBS to your social media you’ll have to access settings
– Then go to Stream,
– Which then it’ll ask for a stream key, In my case it’ll be Facebook
– GO to your profile, and click LIVE VIDEO
– Select “Stream Key” which then will provide a stream key code
– Copy and Paste it in OBS
– In OBS click “Start Streaming” in the bottom Right corner,
– Which should link OBS with Facebook Mirroring the OBS Setup
– Go back to Facebook which should have “Go Live” button at the bottom left corner, which will start the Livestream.
And now you should be ready to setup a basic live stream on your computer!

Happy Streaming!