Learning Ground workshops are back in 2021!

The kids at Learning Ground are getting messy and creative in their weekly workshops. In Term 1, they’ll be making a short claymation film using stop-motion techniques and their own original characters.

Led by Curious Creator Sandra May and assisted by Sivani Yaddanapudi for Term 1 and Term 2, the students have been enmeshed in character creation, world-building, and the basics behind making stop-motion films. 

The last few weeks, Learning Ground participants have created their own characters, ranging from Space Girl who is 17,000 years old and a villain to planet earth to Uni the Unicorn. Who knows what Space Girl and Uni the Unicorn have in store? We’ll have to wait for the short film to come out!

You can keep up to date with the Learning Ground workshops and other FUNPARK-based activities on their Facebook here.