In the first quarter of the year, CuriousWorks has welcomed in a four new staff members, including our new Creative Director! CuriousWorks has not only brought in our first Creative Director, but have also brought in a number of emerging Western Sydney leaders from the Curious Creators program onto staff. All Curious Creator staff members are being closely supported and mentored in their new roles, while gaining valuable leadership experience in paid staff roles. 

In our annual programs, emerging filmmaker and producer Samantha Barahona is the Program Producer for ReFILL and, later this year, Generate2168. A Liverpool-based resident, Samantha has been involved with CuriousWorks on projects such as Las Rosas, CuriousTV and was a CuriousWomen participant. She started working with the Miller Technology High School students in 2020, and is now taking a Creative Producer lead this year! 

Over in the Bidwill area, local filmmaker Sivani Yaddanapudi is also taking a local leadership role on FUNPARK. Sivani has been actively involved in FUNPARK, most notably directing Bidwill’s FUNPARK,  a documentary about the first FUNPARK at the 2014 Sydney Festival. She’ll be working closely alongside other local young leaders, Program Co-ordinator, Daisy Montalvo, and Community Liaison Officer, Robyn Hardge-Scott. 

On a larger company level, filmmaker Diego Murillo is now managing the Social Enterprise program. After years of being contracted on different social enterprise jobs, Diego is now being mentored on the business and managerial side of social enterprise. He’s bringing his technical know-how, film-making skills, and level-headed organisational skills to the staff.

Last but not least, we are proud to welcome our new Creative Director: Andrea Lim! Andrea is a creative producer and strong community advocate whom we originally met during her time at Fairfield Council working on the CuriousTV! project. She will play an integral role steering the company and working closely with the CuriousWorks Artistic Directorate. You can learn more about Andrea and her practice below!

We are so proud of the team we’ve built up this year! Please give a warm welcome to our new CuriousWorks Creative Director and our growing Western Sydney team! 


You can learn more about the CuriousWorks staff here

You can learn more about the CuriousWorks model here.

Andrea is a creative producer living and working on Bidjigal, Darug and Tharawal land. She cares about arts-based initiatives for social outcomes, and is particularly passionate about access to information. Her work spans grassroots community arts as an organiser and performer exploring the multifaceted layers and complex relationships to identity.  

She has a strong interest in the reimagining of our relationships to self, and with each other as persons of colour. Aligned with that vision, Andrea launched HoldingSpace – a mentoring program for emerging artists of colour to access information needed to grow, heal and thrive in the arts.

She has worked in cultural development and planning within the Fairfield area for the past 3 years producing community programs and the FLAME Festival. Prior to that, she produced Storefronts Uncontained – a BIPOC residency program with the Centre on Contemporary Art Seattle.

Andrea holds a Masters in Arts Leadership from Seattle University and a Bachelors in Music from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.