CuriousWorks spend a busy National Youth Week working across Fairfield, Miller and beyond! Last week (16 – 24 April) was National Youth Week. In the lead up to Fairfield’s Youth Council’s annual Youth Week event, Bring It On!, the Curious Creators worked with Fairfield volunteers to livestream the festival. This year, due to COVID restrictions, Bring It On! took place across¬†Prairiewood, Fairfield and Bonnyrigg youth centres. It was a technical challenge, balancing everything, but the Curious Creators team rose to the occasion. Teams of experienced Curious Creators led different teams of volunteers in each of the youth centres, organising the day so the livestream could switch between performances across the festival.

Local artists including Jessica Jade, DanceKool, DMC, the DM SZN, DJ DPAK, DJ STICKY, Kookies N Kream, Dani Madeline, Gemma Navarrete, Midnight Dreamers and Alicia Vares performed across the different venues.

Watch the livestreams here for part 1 and here for part 2.

If you’re interested in learning more about our live-streaming service, get in contact with us about our live broadcast and digital recording services available through our social enterprise program. You can learn more¬†here.

Over in Miller, Samantha Barahona and Tanita Razaghi spent the Friday of Youth Week at the Miller Community Centre, interviewing young people. Miller young people shared their thoughts, opinions and perspectives, including what kinds of arts and cultural activities they prefer. The resulting podcast of Miller youth voices will be edited and given back to the community.

We have been steadily working with the Miller community through our ReFILL program at Miller Technology High. You can learn more about the ReFILL program here.

We are working with the community of Miller and its surrounding suburbs through our grassroots place-making program Generate2168. You can learn more about the program here.