CuriousWorks capped off 2021 with our annual Story Circle Retreat. CuriousWorks Annual Story Circle event gives CuriousWorks artists the opportunity to reflect on the year before and the year ahead.

This year, the Artistic Directorate 2021 participants facilitated workshops that were developed through the program alongside Andrea Lim, our Creative Director. Each participant held their own facilitated workshops on Visualisation, Movement, Discussion and Mindfulness. The workshops utilised portrait making, conversation cards, mapping and memory to creatively explore different themes, different processes and ways of thinking.

After such a long time seeing each other via Zoom and Google Hangouts, some in-person reflection was sorely needed. Being in a room together for Story Circle, our annual end-of-year gathering, was amazing, albeit a little scary. Navigating the world after being confined to our home walls became a feat, but being and creating with friends, family and colleagues was the aid we all needed and still need.

It was great to see everyone work together and take on these unique workshops with open minds. Thank you to the Directorate for stepping into these challenging facilitation roles and holding space for everyone!