After two years of rescheduling and postponing, FUNPARK and GENerate2168 (also know as GEN2168) festivals are finally here! Our next two months are jam-packed. We’re so excited to get to celebrate and commune with the young people of Bidwill and Miller in person.

It can be difficult to find reasons to celebrate, but it’s important to find pockets of joy in the everyday. We, our friends, our communities, deserve it! These festivals may not happen everyday, but they’re coming from the idea that young people’s spirit, creativity and imagination should be invested in and celebrated always.

We hope we’ll see you there!

#GetFUNPARKed on March 26th!

FUNPARK 2022 is back! After many cancellations and postponements, we’re excited for FUNPARK to bring back a sense of familiarity that we all missed out on last year.

“FUNPARK brings a sense of creative wonder and belonging to the community rather than them having to make their way out of the west. It’s a great way for youth to get involved in the community and build curiosity in young leaders,” Sivani Yaddanapudi, from the FUNPARK team.Next Saturday, March 26th, Bidwill Square will be filled with vibrant outdoor acts, film screenings, workshops and music. Come watch films from our own backyard showcased at the Underpass, or check out our amazing Western Sydney headliners - BARKAA, The Pioneers, MARVZ, Manifold, and Clarissa Mei. Join us from 2:30 at Bidwill Square to watch it all unfold on the 26th!Check out the FUNPARK website to learn more!

Building Creative Futures with GEN2168

GEN2168: a youth arts festival in Miller is officially underway! From March 7th - April 23rd, we’re hosting free after-school workshops and community events at Miller, including a Youth Week Outdoor Movie Night and our end of festival block party!

Samantha Barahona, the program producer describes the festival as, “a great place for young kids to interact with creative workshops after school and find themselves, a chance to have time to be creative and work with other kids that share the same interests.”

GEN2168 was created for the dreamers and changemakers living in Miller and its surrounding suburbs. The GEN2168 team have worked hard to produce a festival that cultivates a sense of endless creativity and sustainability of art in the community. We hope to see you there, this year and for many years to come!

Check out our website to learn more and register for any of the festival workshops and events!

Register for our FREE Youth Week Outdoor Movie Night, screening Pokémon Detective Pikachu, on April 9th here.

Art in Person

Over the past year, CuriousWorks has been developing some new major anthology-style works that we’re finally able to share at FUNPARK and GENerate!

meet me at the next stop is a mixed media installation exploring everyday experiences on public transport. The work combines audio, video and photography in one installation to explore, amongst other things:

  • the false promises of grind culture
  • isolation in a pandemic
  • seeking joy and comfort in the everyday

Check out the FUNPARK map by Sam Absurd to see where to find it next Saturday!

Our other work, Handle With Care, is an anthology style zine exploring healing, thriving and collective power. The different pieces were developed across lockdown last year, but since then, we’ve been hard at work editing and designing the zine to be ready for the GEN2168 Festival block party on April 23rd. Look out for the zine coming to Miller next month!

The Folks behind the Festivals

CuriousWorks artists have been busy doing more than producing youth festivals!

If you’re following us on LinkedIn, you may have seen us highlighting some of the CuriousCreators we work with, whether on FUNPARK, GEN2168, or on different Social Enterprise jobs.Social Enterprise makes up one of the three pillars of CuriousWorks model. It’s designed for young creatives to further develop their skills, confidence and creativity through paid opportunities while delivering professional outcomes for clients. Making these posts has just been a small way to recognise just how far these folks have come as professional creatives!

If you want to learn more about our Social Enterprise program, check out our new video, edited by Social Enterprise producer Diego Murillo.

CuriousWorks Social Enterprise Program