CuriousWorks had its first appearance at the Other Worlds Zine Fair, sharing the Handle With Care Zine!

On Sunday, May 29th, CuriousWorks was at Marrickville Town Hall for the 2022 Other Worlds Zine Fair. Facilitator and zine editor Miranda Aguilar manned the table with designer Huy Nguyen. Though we had a printed version of the zine we shared at the GEN2168 Festival, the zine fair was the perfect time to share the beautifully printed zine from Eric Tieng at KOPO Studio.  We even got to show off the plate that was used for its gorgeous debossed foil cover!

After the past few years have made it impossible for the zine fair to gather safely, it was amazing (if a little crowded!) to be surrounded by so many amazing writers, artists, editors, creators! We spent the day talking to other zine-makers, explaining how Handle with Care came to be, and building up CuriousWorks library of zines from folks like The Sunday Paper, Soft Stir and the Refugee Artist Project.

After six months of workshops and content-making, and another six months of designing, editing and printing, we’re so pleased to have been able to share the fully realised zine with so many like-minded creatives! Whether we’re tabling or roaming, we can’t wait to attend next year’s zine fair!

Special thanks to Hon Boey to Dialogic Studios who gave his insight and mentorship to Miranda and Huy through the editing process, and who invited us to table at Other Worlds Zine Fair. 

You can read the full zine online here.

You can learn about how the day went from Huy and Miranda here, here and here.