Winter Works:
Winding Down & Behind the Scenes

Winter is rolling in and we are finally winding down after a busy festival schedule! FUNPARK and GEN2168 passed by in the blink of an eye, and the next few months will now be full of social enterprise, programs and lots of new behind-the-scenes content.

Let’s recap and delve into current and upcoming work we’re cooking up for you!

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If you want to follow all the work we’ve done over the past year, be sure to read our 2021 Annual Report through the link at the bottom of our newsletter!

Festival Season: Done

FUNPARK and GEN2168 were our long awaited festivals for 2022.

First, we held FUNPARK at Bidwill Square with a number of amazing workshops scattered around the area for young kids and their families to enjoy. The great performances including BARKAA and Manifold were marvellous. Even the rainy weather couldn’t stop the community from coming together again!Check out the FUNPARK Instagram and Facebook for more photos and videos! (@funpark.2770)We also finally held the GEN2168 Festival - six weeks of creative workshops followed by the festival showcase day at the Mission Australia space at Miller Hub. The day was filled with colour, art and design like no other, a path leading you to a world of storytelling, filmmaking and zine development. You can learn more about the festival here or check out the festival video below!
GEN 2168 Youth Arts Festival 2022

Now What?

Our mentorship and development programs have been hard at work! Our Refugee Artist Development Program is well underway, with artists working towards outcomes to be shown at Urban Stories at the end of the year.

Last month was the first Testing Grounds group session with this year’s participants: Kim Pham, Natasha Pontoh-Supit and Sivani Yaddanapudi.

You can learn more about them and the different projects they’re working on here.

Many years ago, CuriousWorks had an online Toolkit, a way to share lessons, how-to’s and whatever tips and tricks we’ve picked up in our different projects. We’ve relaunched it this year as a way to share more of the behind-the-scenes know-how we’ve picked up from different projects! Check out the Toolkit for insights onto past projects like shooting CuriousTV!, or a video tutorial on how to set up a livestream.

If you want to see more behind-the-scenes content, we’ve been posting more in our stories, especially when on social enterprise gigs. Follow our Instagram or Facebook to see more.

Read Our Annual Report

CuriousWorks Annual Report for 2021 is live and available to read.

In 2021, CuriousWorks pivoted, postponed and rescheduled, shifting the focus towards professional development, deep reflection and capacity building.
Through another difficult year for the arts, CuriousWorks:

- Contracted 65 artists in the Australian arts sector across 180+ projects.

- Employed 26 young, Western Sydney artists, including bringing on artists as salaried staff members.

- And launched the Emerging Artistic Directorate, a mentorship and professional development program supporting four emerging diverse artistic leaders.

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