Introducing the 2023 Testing Grounds Artists!

CuriousWorks is proud to introduce the artist cohort for the 2023 Testing Grounds program: Kayla Hill, Nicole Cadelina and Sarah Carroll!

Testing Grounds has begun in earnest, with the artist-mentees paired with their mentors and the monthly group and independent sessions underway. The different screen works range in style and theme, from youth climate activism, to different experiences around religiosity and generational trauma amongst Filipina woman, to the intersections of being mixed-race, queer and demisexual (defined as a kind of gray asexuality).  You can learn more about them below!

All three Western Sydney artists are fabulous creatives and leaders in their own spheres, and we’re looking forward to the work they make during Testing Grounds.¬†



Testing Grounds is a program produced by Miranda Aguilar. It’s been made possible through the support of the NSW Government through Screen NSW.