Last week was the final Utopia workshop of the year. Facilitated by Emmanuel Assante, Utopia: Painting for Peace and Wellbeing is a series of art-making workshops that explore possibilities of peace and well-being through the eyes of young people. These co-designed workshops have used the Cultural Wellbeing Framework as a guide to instigate conversations about peace and wellbeing and potentially germinate new youth led projects that embed cultural wellbeing from the start.

As the lead artist of this project, Emmanuel Asante wants to challenge the emergence of a divisive political and social rhetoric that pervades much of our lives through social media. Instead, he wants to inspire future leaders to reimagine a more peaceful future through the medium of art making. Students from Liverpool Boys and Liverpool Girls have spent these past workshops sharing ideas and perspectives, creating new work and expanding their minds on how art, creativity and culture all contribute to global well-being.

The workshops have finished for the year, but the program is not over! Look out for more news about Utopia in 2024.

You can see some of the works in progress in the gallery below. You can also learn more about the program here