Friday, February 23rd was Daisy Montalvo’s last day as FUNPARK’s program director, and her last day on staff at CuriousWorks.

Daisy Montalvo has been a fixture at CuriousWorks across the years. We’ve seen her facilitating workshops at Learning Ground and WOW Fest, in the director’s chair for Las Rosas, Prone to the Drone and El Baile, and of course, fearlessly leading the FUNPARK team since 2019.
It’s been a pleasure being a part of Daisy‘s journey from original FUNPARK participant, to being a first time film director, to now creating spaces and opportunities for young people in the area to be creative, inspired leaders. We can’t wait to see where she goes next!
It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later; we’re sure we’ll collaborate with Daisy again soon.
Social media collage to say farewell to Daisy Montalvo. Text reads: It's not Goodbye; It's See You Soon. Farewell Daisy! In the background are four images of Daisy: Daisy standing with a clipboard while talking to Skye, the Prone to the Drone cinematographer; Daisy at a podium opening the 2022 FUNPARK event. Daisy smiling broadly at the 2018 Story Circle; and Daisy in traditional Salvadorean dress in a shot for her short film El Baile.