Amira Halabi

Amira is a young artist with unconditional passion for creation and performance. She’s been involved in many events with Casula powerhouse, PYT, and CuriousWorks. 

She has an immense love for singing, acting, writing and creating, and was lucky enough to discover CuriousWorks when she did.

She played ‘Dom’ in Las Rosas; a role that was vital in giving her a jumpstart into her career in art. Later, she joined the writer’s club and is now also part of the CuriousWomen’s program where she got to work with industry professionals and other talented women on projects that hold a lot of cultural significance!

She is currently studying Creative Industries in WSU and aims to one day start her own production company, led by POC, where many stories will be told, and hopes to explore a range of cultural, social, and political topics that are relevant to today’s youth.

Until then, there is an endless stream of possibilities that she has yet to encounter!



Las Rosas