Amira Halabi

Amira is a young artist with unconditional passion for creation and performance. She’s been involved in many events and continues to forge the necessary skills that will enable her to pursue her goal.

She as an immense love for singing, acting, writing and sketching, and was lucky enough to discover CuriousWorks when she did.

She played ‘Dom’ in Las Rosas; a role that was vital in giving her a jumpstart into her career in art. Later, she joined the writer’s club and still thoroughly enjoys being involved with the talented people of CuriousWorks.

She is currently completing her HSC and aims to study business and marketing in university. Despite this, she is determined to continue with her hobbies and cultivate her love for art, until it takes off and she is finally able to achieve all that she has dreamed of.

Until then, there is an endless stream of possibilities that she has yet to encounter.


Las Rosas