Closeup of a painting surrounded by olive branches being painted by a young student.


New Media Anthology Work

2023 – 2024

Four interconnected, immersive documentary works encapsulating tenderness in Western Sydney.  

 Curious360 is a new CuriousWorks digital documentary anthology work. Led by four Western Sydney-based artists, Curious360 is made up of four distinct but interconnected immersive documentary work that directly challenges the Western Sydney-based stigma, stereotypes and the trappings of “representation”. 

The different works range from a musical exploration of pockets of joy, safety and connection as young queer people; video poetry exploring radical nostalgia through daily rituals and ancestral practice; an portrait of the women in the artist’s life through vulnerability and violence; and a mapping of joy and softness in unexpected Western Sydney locations. All four documentaries explore elements of tenderness, vulnerability and their own personal and unique experiences as artists in Western Sydney.

Curious360 is currently in pre-production, and will have its public exhibitions in 2024 at the Sydney Opera House and Fairfield City Museum and Gallery.


You can read more about the Curious360 artists below. 

Carielyn Tunion

Carielyn Tunion

Carielyn (she/they) is a writer, videopoet and cultural worker with a background in screen and media arts. They have also worked in the community sector supporting migrant and refugee women; and has experience in creative approaches for grassroots community organising.

Carielyn’s work explores themes of homeyearning and radical nostalgia from an anti- colonial, anti-imperial, diasporic perspective. She is currently doing a Masters in Literature and Creative Writing at Western Sydney University. Her work has been published in Mascara Literary Review, Emerging Writers Festival, SBS Filipino and KAP Magazine. Her ancestral roots are in the archipelago of the so-called Philippines and Kowloon, Hong Kong.

She has lived as an uninvited guest on Gadigal and Darkinjung country, and currently lives, studies and works on unceded Darug land.

Sharon Mani

Sharon Mani

Sharon Mani is a creative producer, an emerging filmmaker and just another girl from Western Sydney.

Guided by a profound passion for storytelling, she strives to capture both the authentic and whimsical nature of life in her work. She understands the importance of people seeing themselves in films but she knows people don’t want to simply be seen – the power of stories is they present the opportunity to be understood. That opportunity, for understanding, is what sits at the heart of her creative endeavors.

Her video producing work spans across corporate work with companies like ELMO and the RBA to crafting original short films and documentaries. She presently works as a content producer for the social enterprise, Tomorrow Architects and is responsible for filming short documentaries on their thought leadership programs.

Mohammad Awad

Mohammad Awad

Mohammad Awad (AKA 3awadi) is a Queer/Arab/Muslim and Writer/Director/Poet/Playwright and Musician who’s running out of ways to express himself. He has written and directed short films such as The Flower, The Messenger and Beauty Marks. Raised in Western Sydney, Mohammad has also been honoured as Australia’s National Youth Poetry Champion.

Published in an anthology series ‘Arab, Australian, Other’ as well as The University of Sydney Anthology ‘Diversity’, he is also one of the proud editors of the mental health anthology collection- Admissions. He has featured in every iconic West Ball, as well as in the Sydney Writers Festival, Sydney Mardi Gras, Sydney Living Museums – After Dark,  The ICC, Sydney Festival, Weave Youths’ Mad Pride Concert, Word in Hand, Red Room Poetry, The Vanguard and Giant Dwarf Theatre.  They have also been featured on ABC’s hit TV Show ‘Space 22’, ABC’s ‘The Drum’ and SBS television, ABC Radio, SBS Radio, Eastside Radio, 2SER and FBI Radio.

Diamond Tat

Diamond Tat

Diamond Tat (she/her) is a visual artist practicing storytelling through filmmaking and cinematography. Trained in Media Arts production in Sydney, she works across multiple genres e.g, narrative, documentary, music and art installation She is deeply interested in human-focused stories that explore the vast and rich human experience. Inspired by her upbringing in a mix-cultured environment, influenced by Chinese, Vietnamese and French cultures, she holds a deep interest in ideas of identities emerging, merging and shifting through time and space.

In her previous works and collaborations with a peer filmmaker – Baro Lee: Bimok (2022) and Hiruaerak (2019), Diamond explores aspects of navigating challenging and ever-shifting identities through grief and love. With her collaboration with Huy Nguyen in ‘Minh’ Exhibition (2023) for Fairfield Museum, she once again has the chance to explore her family’s immigration experience like forging identities and quiet perseverance.

In informing and training her technical skills, Diamond works within the camera and video department across a few sectors in the industry: studio feature-length narrative e.g, Thor: Love and Thunder (dir. Taika Waititi) and TV-series drama e.g, ABC’s Soundtrack to Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse.

Diamond has also been working as MediaLab Video Specialist Professional staff at the University of Technology Sydney, facilitating filmmaking workshops especially in the field of cinematography and supporting Media Arts students and staff with their research and projects.

Artists: Mohammad Awad, Sharon Mani, Diamond Tat, Carielyn Tunion

Creative and Technical Director: Elias Nohra

Creative Producers: Samantha Barahona, Miranda Aguilar


Curious360 is made possible through a project grant from the NSW Government through CreateNSW.