2005 – 2009

Theatre & Documentary


The Migrant Project was a multi-platform, creative initiative centred around Sydney as a city built on a history of migration.

From 2005-2009, 50 Sydneysiders with cultural and artistic roots from across the globe contributed. Monologues, short films, arguments, songs, costumes, agreements, music, ensemble dance pieces, speeches and more were made.

They were presented in a series of showings and forums and, ultimately, weaved together into a performance and then feature documentary of the same name, This City is a Body.

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Film documentary


A dance solo from The Migrant Project’s Grounded show

CuriousWorks would like to thank Australia Council for the Arts and Fosters Community Grants for their support at various points in the project’s history.
Cast & Crew
The Migrant Project (Overall Project, 2005-2009) Producer / Director: S.Shakthidharan
This City is a Body (The Film 2007-2009) Director/Editor: S.Shakthidharan
This City is a Body (DVD 2007-2009) Designed & Authored: Shakthidharan, Package Design: Zoe Sadokierski, Illustrations / Paintings: Aimée Falzon, Design: Stuart Gibson (2005-2006) Shakthidharan (2007-20 08) Zoe Sadokierski (2009), Photography: Steven Papadakis, Media and Marketing: Shakthidharan, Polkadot PR (This City is a Body)
Standing (2005) Artists: Albert David, Gary Lo, Rebecca Sng, Katy Cuthbert, Shakthidharan, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Jenni White, Kishan Jeyendran, Aimée Falzon, Cappy Bud, Phillip Lawson, Jane Grimley, Robin Dixon, Miles Thomas, Stuart Gibson, James West, Filmed by: Iqbal Barkat, Elias Nohra, Venue: Performance Space, Supported by: Australia Council for the Arts – Dance
Board Drifting (2006) Artists: Shakthidharan, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Kishan Jeyendran, Latai Taumoepeau, Jasmine Sheppard, Robin Dixon, Mick Boraso, Kishan Jeyendran, Elias Nohra, Jenni White, Christina Kenny, Marcia Beckett, Aimée Falzon, Jane Grimley, Miles Thomas, Stuart Gibson, Kate Shanahan, Glen Purdham, Venue: Street Theatre, Canberra, Multicultural Arts Festival
Grounded (2006) Artists: Shakthidharan, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Kishan Jeyendran, Mick Boraso, Elias Nohra, Latai Taumoepeau Jasmine Sheppard Robin Dixon Marcia Beckett Aimée Falzon Elias Nohra Christina Kenny Glen Purdham Miles Thomas, Paul Cordeiro, Joel Corpuz, Pat Davidson, Stuart Gibson, Habib Hayek, Hazem Shammas, Kate Shanahan, Rebecca Sng, Iqbal Barkat, Filmed by: Vincent Tay, Elias Nohra, Jeremy Cassar, Damien Cassar, Venue: Seymour Centre, Supported by: Arts NSW – Music Committee
Villawood Koori Kids (2006-2007) Cultural Leader:Robby Bell Filmmakers: Billy, JJ Community: Villawood Koori Kids Venue: Woodville Community Centre & Lonsvale Park Digital Media Facilitators: Elias Nohra, Shakthidharan, Iqbal Barkat, Supported by: Foster’s Community Grants
This City is a Body (2007) Artists: Barbra Drummond, Latai Taumoepeau, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Robin Dixon, Aimée Falzon, Shakthidharan, Marc Chee, Paul Cordeiro, Elias Nohra, Filmed by: Iqbal Barkat, Elias Nohra, Jeremy Cassar, Conference Speakers: Richard Greenthun, Ross Gibson, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Stuart Willis, Phillip Ross, Robin Dixon, Itu Rishi, Shankar Rahile, Ansari, Johnny Wakim, Dara Podjarski, Filmed by: Shakthidharan, Audio: Hyde Park Barracks Museum Venue: Hyde Park Barracks Museum Historic Houses Trust, Supported by: Australia Council for the Arts —Theatre Board
Migrant Project Interviews (2006 – 2008)
Linda Burney, Filmed by: Iqbal Barkat, Elias Nohra
Ray & Aimée Falzon, Filmed by: Shakthidharan
Bannu & Kannu, Filmed by: Elias Nohra
All interviewed by: Shakthidharan
Reception Centre (2006) Writer/Actor: Hazem Shammas, Cinematographer: Iqbal Barkat, Editors: Elias Nohra, Shakthidharan
Asi – ‘Sold’ Lyrics by: Shakthidharan, Music by: Asi, Performed by: Shakthidharan, Aimée Falzon, Stefan Kantharajah, Alon Ilsar, Marc Chee
Derubbin Fundraiser (2006) Producer: Jane Grimely, Bands: Tapestries of Sound, Asi
Roxbury Fundraiser (2006) Producer: Shakthidharan, Bands: Asi, Tapestries of Sound
Earthdance 2005 Katy Cuthbert, Rebecca Sng, Gary Lo, Aimée Falzon, Shakthidharan, Jenni White, Robin Dixon, Cappy Bud, Phillip Lawson, Mahesh Radhakrishnan 2007 Mick Boraso, Shakthidharan, Jenni White, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Robin Dixon
100 Blind Deals (2007-2009) Writer/Director: Shakthidharan, Producer: Shakthidharan, Editor: Shakthidharan, Cinematography: Vincent Tay, Production Manager: Iqbal Barkat, Colour Correction: Vincent Tay, Sound (Post): Shakthidharan.
Actors: Hazem Shammas, Paul Barakat, Jodine Muir, Aimée Falzon, Habib Hayek, Daniel Younan, Jacob Younan, Darug Story: Dr Richard Greenthun,
Music: Asi, ‘The Crooked Path – Part One’ Music by: Shakthidharan, Performed by: Shakthidharan,
Asi, ‘Kurinji – Part One’, Performed by: Robin Dixon, Music by: Shakthidharan, CuriousWorks 2008
Derwent River Star, ‘Dead Roads’, Lyrics by: Alex Marsh, Music by: Derwent River Star, Performed by: Derwent River Star Heavy Records 2007
Shoot Credits: Caparra; BoomOperator: Robin Dixon, Goddesses: Aimée Falzon, Hazem Shammas Assistant: Rachel Jackson, Continuity: Robin Dixon
Thanks: Ian & Jessica,
Outdoor Shots Rig: Vincent Tay, Convertible Driver: Kate Blackmore
Bankstown Production Assistants: Elias Nohra, Aimée Falzon, Sam Nishanian, Simone Lahood, Lil’ Peter
Thanks: Nohra Household Chapman St
Boom Mic & Sound: Elias Nohra
Goddesses: Aimée Falzon, Hazem Shammas
Thanks: Stuart & Peter


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