GENerate 2168 Context

Community snapshot

The eight 2168 neighbourhoods include Sadlier, Heckenberg, Green Valley, Miller, Hinchinbrook, Ashcroft, Cartwright and Busby.

The 2168 area is culturally diverse including almost 49% of people born overseas, 62% speaking a language other than English at home and approximately 65.6% of people having both parents born overseas.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represent 2.5%.

The top five countries of birth other than Australia are Vietnam, Iraq, Fiji, Lebanon, and New Zealand. The top five languages spoken at home other than English are Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Spanish and Assyrian Neo-Aramaic.

Workshop delivery

Workshops will be mainly delivered around Miller Hub as it is accessible, well known in the 2168 and centrally located for young people to access.

Miller Hub is also where the majority of suitable workshop venues exist and we will work with project collaborators including Core Community Services, Mission Australia, Liverpool City Council, Miller Central Shopping Centre, PCYC and FACS to plan delivery around venue availability and accessibility.

Workshops in three key artforms, including multimedia, songwriting and performance, will be held in accessible venues around Miller Hub.


Guest speakers / influencers

Specialists and community organisations with relevant professional experience or who are connected to 2168 communities will make presentations to young participants through the Guidance Group meetings and the Makers Space.

Budyari Aboriginal Community Health’s Aunty Delphine Leslie will talk to the group about what community health means, issues young people and the broader community face and specific issues for First Nations people in 2168.

Other presenters include Michael Cohen of City People, Sarah Barns of Esem Projects, socially-engaged artist and Western Sydney resident Khaleb Sabsabi and Rebecca Conroy who works across site, community engagement, and performative interventions through artist led activity.

Engaged art making

GENerate 2168 uses art making as a way to engage with young people living in 2168 communities, encouraging them to share their reflections, experiences and visions for their neighbourhoods.


Project outcomes will be shared with the broader community through a local event and installations in appropriate public space venues negotiated with our partners throughout delivery. Options include Miller Hub venues, local libraries, vacant shopfronts in Miller Central Shopping Centre, Heckenburg Neighbourhood Centre and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. 
The main showcase event will share all artworks, including performances and options for young participants to facilitate community walks to encourage discussion about local identity, public spaces, safety and more.