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The CuriousWorks portal is a one-stop site for questions regarding equipment booking, what’s on, and how to work around different policies, procedures and potential headaches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book equipment?

Scroll to the bottom to see equipment bookings! There’s also a calendar so you can check to see whether the equipment you’re looking for is available that day.



  • What’s a CuriousCreator? How do I/did I become one? 

Well, this portal is for CuriousWorks staff and CuriousCreators, so chances are…

CuriousCreators is a term originally coined by Guido Gonzalez back when he worked at CuriousWorks! Broadly speaking, it’s a term used to refer to the emerging artists that work with CuriousWorks on our various programs.


  • Can CuriousWorks help me with this grant?

We know how tricky they can be to navigate – especially if you’ve never completed a grant before. We can’t fill out any grants for you, but if you get in contact with us nice and early, time permitting, we’re happy to offer advice. If you’re applying for a particularly large grant, we may also be able to act as your auspicing body.


  • I’m working on a new project; would you mind helping me promote it on CuriousWorks social media channels?

Probably! We’ll always have a preference for promoting independent, community-minded, Western Sydney-based projects, but regardless, it’s always cool to see what other projects people do after working with CuriousWorks!  Contact Miranda at and make her life easier by sending through some images and potential copy she can use.


  • Is anyone at the office at the moment? 

Everyone works on really changeable schedules! Best you email whoever you’re looking for in advance. 


Downloadable templates for related CuriousWorks administration . Includes invoice templates, reimbursement forms, image contsent forms, etc.

View All Forms Here

CuriousWorks Reimbursement Form – Send through form, as well as relevant invoices/receipts to Andrea at

Invoice Template – CuriousWorks pays all invoices once a fortnight, every other Monday.  Send through all invoices to and copy/CC your Project Supervisor into your email. 

Artist Agreement Template and Volunteer Agreement Template 

Video and Photography Release Forms

Emergency Medical Form – To be filled out by all cast and crew before filming

Location Agreement – For filming; For filming permission in public spaces, check with your relevant council

WHS Induction Checklist – To be read and signed by all cast and crew 


Policies and procedures are in place to help you navigate through tricky situations. What do you do when someone gets injured on the job? What if I have a complaint against another contractor or employee? How do I contract someone through CuriousWorks? All these and more can be answered using the resources below.


CW001 CuriousWorks Constitution

CW005 Child Safe Policy

Employee Code of Conduct

OH&S Policy

NSW Child Protection framework – Keeping them Safe Handbook, NSW Family Community and Services


Procedure: Engaging Workers

Procedure: Working With Children Check

Complaint Procedure

Incident & Injury Report Form


Behind-the-scenes video and photography and documenation  from past CuriousWorks-run projects, workshops and events.

Resource List


What’s coming up on the CuriousWorks calendar.

[calendar id="11971"]


How to book

Use the calendar to check for existing bookings on the times and dates you wish to book-out.

Email address with details below:

1. List of gear required
2. Project required for
3. Date and time for pickup
4. Date and time for dropoff. 

    CuriousWorks staff will confirm the items booked with you and add it on the calendar.

    Leave time to thoroughtly check equipment is in order during pick-up and return.


    [calendar id="11983"]


    02 9602 9568

    Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Level 3, 1 Powerhouse Rd Casula NSW

    PO Box 112 Liverpool NSW 1871 Australia

    ABN 49 717 992 269