Curiously West: Film Club

A CuriousWorks, WSU and PYT Fairfield Collaboration

2023 – Ongoing

Curiously West: Film Club is a space for Western Sydney filmmakers of all backgrounds, ages and levels of experience. You can join the next meeting here.

Curiously West emerged out of a desire for local filmmakers to have a space space to gather, collaborate and make films.

Unlike other filmmaking spaces that are either sporadic, located in the city or distant from South West Sydney, there is a significant gap for Western Sydney filmmakers to connect with their local counterparts. Recognizing this need, a groundbreaking collaboration between CuriousWorks, Powerhouse Youth Theatre Fairfield, and Western Sydney University aims to bridge this gap by establishing a dedicated and regular space for deep collaboration and connection. Though originally led just by Addy Fong at Western Sydney University, the expansion has allowed this initiative to go beyond one-off networking events, providing filmmakers with a consistent environment that fosters experimentation, skill development, and the nurturing of their craft.

Curiously West meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings at PYT Fairfield. The sessions range from hands-on skill-building workshops, to Popcorns and Pencils sessions where filmmakers can watch and review films, to networking sessions, to collaborative film-making sessions. It’s a space where folks of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and levels of experience can come together out of a love for film-making.

CuriouslyWest has returned for 2024!  You can check out the agenda below. Join the film club every other Thursday and register your place here or at the link above.

An agenda list for the Curiously West Film Club. It says it happens Thursdays Fortnightly from 6-8PM at PYT Fairfield. The agenda list says: </p>
<p>7th March: Hello Again... </p>
<p>21st March: Mockumentary. 4</p>
<p>th April: Character Dynamics. </p>
<p>18th April: Sitcom Production. </p>
<p>2nd May: Filming a Fight Scene. 1</p>
<p>6th May: Popcorns and Pencils #1. </p>
<p>30th May: Making a Music Video. </p>
<p>13th June: Popcorn and Pencils #2. </p>
<p>27th June: Showcase.

For the screen readers, here is the agenda list:

7th March: Hello Again…

21st March: Mockumentary. 4

th April: Character Dynamics.

18th April: Sitcom Production.

2nd May: Filming a Fight Scene. 1

6th May: Popcorns and Pencils #1.

30th May: Making a Music Video.

13th June: Popcorn and Pencils #2.

27th June: Showcase.

You can also check out photos from Curiously West’s program in early 2023 below.


Curiously West Film Club is on Instagram, Facebook and Discord.
Program Co-ordinators:

CuriousWorks: Diego Murillo
Western Sydney University: Addy Fong
PYT Fairfield: Daisy Montalvo

CuriouslyWest has been supported by Fairfield City Council through the Arts & Culture Grant 2023.