6 Episodes


A Curious Creators Project

Las Rosas is the story of two sisters, Mariana and Marisol, waging an epic battle over Mariana’s Quinceañera and the place of cultural tradition for a young person growing up in modern day Western Sydney.

This web-series showcases themes of sisterhood, growing pains, and how the Latin and Australian lifestyles clash and converge in Western Sydney. It marries contemporary, coming-of-age Australian drama with Telenovela to showcase a unique Latin Australian outlook not often represented in Australian media.

Las Rosas is a production by CuriousWorks emerging grassroots artists, the Curious Creators. It is directed by Daisy Montalvo, an emerging artist of El Salvadorian background, and written by Daisy Montalvo, Miranda Aguilar, Samia Halabi, Shawn Spina, Cristobal Olguin and Thomas Barrell. Guido Gonzalez acted at story concept mentor and facilitator.

Las Rosas premiered online on Saturday 29 September, with all six episodes released on a weekly basis from September to November. Our current focus is expanding  its reach through the international film festival circuit. You can watch all six episodes on our Youtube channel here.


In Latin-America, when a girl turns 15 her family throws her a Quinceañera, a coming-of-age ceremony and celebration of her blossoming womanhood. Latin-American families throw these celebrations wherever they live, even in the distinctly un-Latin streets of Mt. Druitt.

On the eve of Marisol’s 15th birthday, her mother died, and she had a funeral instead of a party. Years later, Marisol, now an ambitious young woman, is planning the Quinceañera she never had for Mariana, her rebellious younger sister. As Mariana’s 15th birthday approaches, the sisters cannot agree on anything- whether it’s the dress, the cake, or if Mariana even wants a Quinceañera.

As the sisters continue to clash over family, growing pains and cultural traditions, they must bridge the gap between them- or risk not only the party, but their sisterhood as well.


In 2017, the Curious Creators embarked on their most ambitious, self-directed project to date – Las Rosas, a web-series grown from layers of community training, development, practice and mentorship.

All key roles were led by key Curious Creators, with support from other new or younger CC’s across the production, from cast and crew, to social media, and post production teams, totaling over 50 young people. At the same time the wider communities of Mt Druitt, Fairfield and Liverpool offered their homes, streets, churches, theatre, cafes and time to support these young cultural leaders pursuing their vision.

From the outset, the young artistic team wanted to reach for something fun and pop that would appeal to their own age-group as the main audience. They were very keen to make a story about love, sisterhood and growing up that didn’t succumb to the clichés of bleak poverty or a hysterical portrayal of broken lives on the suburban fringes. In fact, Las Rosas is entirely an expression of blossoming, expectation, investment in fantasy, the power of cultures mixing and embracing where you come from.

Official Launch Party at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Wrap Party at the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre


Core Writer Team: Daisy Montalvo, Thomas Barrell, Samia Halabi, Miranda Aguilar, Shawn Spina, Cristabol Olguin

Core Production Team

Daisy Montalvo – Director

Caitlin Newton-Broad – Producer

Thomas Barrel – First AD

Samia Halabi – Second AD

Miranda Aguilar – Showrunner

Adam McPhilbin – Director of Photography

Dani Sitto – First Camera Operator

Shamim Waseeq – Second Camera Operator

Shawn Spina – Sound Recordist, Assistant Producer & Assistant Editor

Cristabol Olguin – Lead Editor and Script Supervisor

Elodie Reynaud – Script Assistant & Continuity

Wendy Pham – EPK Camera

Linda Ogonowski – Junior Production Designer

Katja Handt – Lead Production Designer

Amy Valantine – Makeup & Costume

Lead & Supporting Cast

Luciana Valentina – Marisol

Louisa Panucci – Mariana

Cameron Hutt – Ethan

Hernan Flores – Lito

Bee Cruise – Sunny

Firdaws Adelpour – Jose

Nicole Toum – Mia

Amira Halabi – Dom

Katahlia Barnard – Silvia

David Robertts – DJ/ Announcer

Stephany Reventos – Honey

Frederico Rekowski – Priest

Mentors: Caitlin Newton-Broad, S. Shakthidharan, Guido Gonzalez, Annabel Davis, Andy Ko and Vanessa Hyde – all core staff invested heavily in supporting this project. External Industry & Community mentors include Blake Ayshford, Clare Atkins, Julie Kalceff, Maria Tran, Roxie Vuong, Adrian Castro, Andrew Soo, Katja Handt

Wider team of volunteers: Jaida Walker, Samantha Barahona, Douson Yuan, Olivia Barnett, Ace Roque, Diego Murillo, Michael Pisciuneri, Andrea Beeten, Yilak Mumbilla, Alexandra Olguin, Laura Patino, Junior Montalvo, Christian Gonzalez, Honor McGrath.