2019 – 2020

Makers Space is an exciting initiative exploring the future of story-telling through new technology.

From the beginning, CuriousWorks has boldly explored the newest story-telling mediums. When CuriousWorks began, online video was the latest in accessible, DIY story-telling innovation. Now, with online video streaming entering the mainstream, Makers Space is continuing this tradition in its exploration of new media – optical, audio, interfaced and interactive. 

Artists in this pilot program are invited to participate in a dynamic series of new media workshops and masterclass to develop skills in creative production and new media. Makers Space is a platform to explore, play, and most importantly – make. 

Makers Space finished their XR media project- – a  mystery experience involving 360VR headset called ‘Just Visiting.’ It premiered at the 2019 WOW Festival on 12 and 13 July.

In the midst of COVID-19, Makers Space has continued to meet and create online; they are currently in the middle of a new, collaborative project where the artists transform their isolated experiences into a shared virtual home using 360 video.

Make Yourself At Home

A Socially Distanced Online Experience | 2020

Just Visiting

WOW Festival | July 12/13 2019

James Brown Masterclass

Casula Powerhouse | October 15 2019

EyeJack AR Masterclass

Lost in Books, Fairfield | June 19 2019

Curtis Taylor Masterclass

Bustle Studios | June 12, 2019

Murasaki Penguin Masterclass

Lost in Books, Fairfield | March 2019


Artist Participants: Miranda Aguilar, Thomas Barrell, Jessica Phoebe Hanna, Ailsa Liu, Adam McPhilbin, Cristobal Olguin, Nicole Pingon, Zoe Tomaras, Sandra May, Shawn Spina, Daisy Montalvo

Program Producer: Elias Nohra

Master Class Mentors: Anna Kuroda and David Kirkpatrick (Murasaki Penguin),  Curtis Taylor (Collisions VR), Bryce Pemberton (EyeJack), James Brown

Makers Space is proudly supported by the Australia Council of the Arts.