“I wrote Prone to the Drone back in mid August 2018 after being at low point in my life, when I spent a majority of my time isolated in my home without seeing or speaking to anyone months on end. Writing this story was an outlook to me, on the feelings of loneliness and depression and how a sense of connection can make or break a person.

The story means a lot to me because it shows the chaotic-ness of my mind in a physical representation.  I feel that there is a lot of humour in bad moments in my life which I’d like to see in most of my stories. Being able to look at something that has affected me from a different view allows me to see the drama in a new light.

I want Prone to the Drone to be a story that audiences can find the happiest of feels in dark moments.”

Shawn Spina – Writer and Lead Actor.

Prone to the Drone premiered at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival, is currently touring with the Travelling Film Festival across regional NSW, and has been selected by the Dumbo Film Festival, Canberra Mental Health Film Festival, Wide Angle Film Festival, and was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival and Award of Commendation by Canada Shorts.  It was also screened at MCA’s 2019 Art is for Everyone Weekend, the 2019 Arts Activated Conference,  as well as the 2019 Hume Housing AGMYou can check out highlights from SFF here.

In 2020, Prone to the Drone was part of ABC iView’s International Day of People with Disability digital collection, and can be found online here.


During baking hot Sydney summers, Sam works as a traffic warden on a building site. He comes home each night to his own company. His suburban blonde-brick home is a sanctuary and also a prison. The routines of daily life set on repeat until one day, Sam’s quiet life is interrupted by a drone flying over the back fence.

Prone to the Drone is a melancholy comedy about loneliness and connection, as seen through the eyes of a man who has made a life to protect himself from the chaos and accidents of the outside world.


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Director: Daisy Montalvo

Writer: Shawn Spina

Producers: Miranda Aguilar, Vanessa Hyde

Executive Producer: Kali Reid (Matchbox Pictures)

Director of Photography: Sky Davies

Editor: Cristobal Olguin

Original Music: Jai Pyne

Post-Colourist: Shane Burrell

Sound Design: Anthony Marsh

Sound Recordist: Douson Yuan

Gaffer: Max Gersbach

Production Design: Sandra May

1st Assistant Director: Andrea Beeten

1st Assistant Camera: Sivani Yaddanapudi

Directing Mentor: David Caesar

Sound Mentor: Steph Vajda

Screen Investment Manager: Sofya Gollan (Create NSW)

Funded by Create NSW – Screenability Film Fund