CuriousTV! is a documentary mini-series highlighting ordinary Fairfield Region citizens and the extraordinary things they do.

CuriousTV! was a pilot program that followed the lives of young, ordinary citizens from the Fairfield region and the extraordinary things they do. This short-form, documentary series was funded by a grant from Fairfield City Council and entirely led by CuriousCreators, all of whom either live or work in the Fairfield region. The subjects ranged from beauty business owners and sisters, Cassie and Jade Pham, to tattoo artist, Troijarra Ebio, to members of the Qing Fong Lion Dancing team.

The idea for the series, directed by Sandra May, was based on their experience as a child of Cambodian migrants who’ve moved to the Fairfield region, and haven’t left since. How are the children of Fairfield-based migrants experience the area they grew up in? How are they making their own path? And how can Fairfield Council continue to nurture the next generation?

This project put Curious Creators at the helm of the project, and has allowed them to gain new skills including project management, budgets, film production and professional communication to continue to develop their careers in media arts, while also connecting with their community.

CuriousTV! is a pilot project empowering local young people to showcase their community in their way. Interested in a CuriousTV! series about your local suburb? Contact us! 

These films were launched on the big screen at Crescent Plaza as part of Flicker Fridays. They are now being made available to watch online for the first time on our Youtube channel.




Director: Sandra May
Producer: Samantha Barahona
Supporting Producer: Miranda Aguilar
Editor: Cristobal Olguin  
Sound: Shawn Spina
Camera: Diego Murillo and Sivani Yaddanapudi
Production Assistant: Tracy Guo
Digital Branding: Huy Nguyen
Participants: Tin Nguy, Justine Chau, Adelene Pham (Qing Fong Lion Team), May Lyn Ly, Justin Oudomlith (a.k.a. Mr. Oud), Cassie and Jade Pham, Troijarra Ebio

This project was made possible through a grant from the Fairfield City Council.