Grassroots, Community
2019 – Onwards

GENerate 2168 is a place-making project  – a collaboration between young people, artists and community workers in the neighbourhoods of Miller and its surrounding suburbs.

In 2019, the 2168 Interagency coalition between CuriousWorks, CORE Community Services, Evolve Housing and Mission Australia opened up the Miller Youth Space and kept it running every Wednesday until it was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020 -2021, CuriousWorks began work on the first Generate Festival. The festival will include youth workshops, the Liverpool Youth Leadership Council, and feature projects like Make Yourself At Home and the Handle With Care zine. The 2021 Emerging Artistic Directorate will be designing a series of ‘public interventions’ during Generate: participatory workshops designed to engage young people to think about the future they want to build for themselves and their community.

Originally planned for November 2021, the festival has been moved to April 2022. 


The Miller Youth Space is in the heart of Miller’s public space. Young people want to work towards something more beautiful and welcoming as their creative youth hub and began to consult each other, Elders and community workers on what they have in mind:

What I appreciate about growing up in Miller is the offers and opportunities with volunteers and community workers who take their time to make opportunities happen.” Roukkaya, 15 years

“One thing I would change in Miller – It would be cool if they added more community activities, not just one afternoon a week at the Miller Youth Space but Fridays as well. A place for all of us.” Alexa, 14 years

For our neighbourhood – we would like to see:

More lighting and safe public space where we can feel relaxed and make new friends

We really love nature and want to see more beauty – in the form of vegetable gardens, plants and excellent parks

We want to see all the rubbish cleared up – where we all work together to clean up the neighbourhood and have it looking beautiful

We want Safety for Everyone – if you see someone looking unwell – it can make you feel unsafe – and we want to make sure that all young people can be safe while walking around Miller.” – Zoey and Bryce, 12 years of age

After COVID-19 restrictions stopped face to face community work – young people have been collaborating with CuriousWorks on a fantasy model, which includes exciting features of modern architecture and immersive design. 


Generate2168 Program Producer: Samantha Barahona

Above video created by Miller young people: Zoe, Nathan N, TK, Sarynnah, Alliyah, Nathan R,  Kai, Wendy, Eddy, Anton, Ofa and Desire with designer Huy Nguyen.

In addition, CuriousWorks have been collaborating with our friends Valerie Berry and the Filipino art outfit, Sipat Lawin / Komunidad X to dream up ways of creating interactive art that can illustrate what young people really want. In August, Sipat Lawin/ Komunidad X ran masterclasses with local young artists to explore their civic dreaming project – GOBYERNO – in which people get to design their ideal government by the people, for the people!