CuriousWorks is a unique community arts and media organisation that identifies, nurtures and builds the next generation of storytellers, artists and media makers from Western Sydney.

Through our industry-leading arts and social enterprise programs, we develop the talent of Western Sydney’s working class, First Nations and CaLD young people as emerging artists, writers, filmmakers and cultural leaders.

Using film, theatre, digital technology and education programs, CuriousWorks collaborates with individuals and communities to facilitate lasting social impact and produce powerful, cultural artworks that engage at the grassroots.

We make a long-term commitment to deep engagement with the communities in which we work and aim to increase the social, cultural and economic capital for individuals, communities and society as a whole by building the next generations’ skills and leadership capacity.


Creativity – Celebrate the creativity in us all – from the most experienced performer to the child. Creativity binds together everything we do. We believe a creative life is a better life.

• Integrity and Honesty – Integrity and honesty underpin everything we do. The trust of our community, colleagues and clients can only be achieved through ensuring all of our decisions and actions are honest and made in the best interests of CuriousWorks, our clients and community.

• Respect – We are part of our community. We listen, learn and challenge our community by striving to make each experience as inspiring as the last. We have an open and inclusive culture that extends a warm welcome to audiences to enjoy our work.

• Fairness and Courage – to inspire a more accessible and innovative arts and media scene, so that imagination and creativity become part of everyday life for the benefit of all Australians


In 2005 CuriousWorks was a bold and ambitious start-up committed to telling diverse  community stories, led by a young CaLD artist from Western Sydney, our founding director, S. Shakthidharan.

Over the last decade we have matured into a respected cultural organisation which has developed emerging artistic leaders from diverse backgrounds, each with ambitious and achievable visions to tell their own stories, in their own ways, and for the benefit of their own communities.

This has been made possible through our unique model of community engagement. Its hallmarks are long term grassroots programs, intensive capacity building, genuine economic and employment outcomes, artistic excellence and fostering local cultural and artistic leadership.


CuriousWorks runs various grassroots and emerging artist programs that are holistically curated to feed into and nourish each other, ensuring we are achieving our social, economic and cultural impact goals.


Our community grassroots multi-arts and digital media programs engage participants at the beginning of their creative journey. Our programs, designed with community partners, help young people develop their voice, build confidence and positive mental health, learn valuable creative skills and establish a pride in the place they live and capacity to imagine a positive future.


The CC’s Program is CuriousWorks holistic CACD model in practice.

It is a high-quality skills development program that is growing the next-generation of talented young media makers and storytellers from Western Sydney.

The Curious Creators are young people who have typically come up through our grassroots programs. They may have their dreams set on a career in the arts or are just excited to create and explore, but importantly, they are interested in creative collaboration and are connected and committed to their communities.

Individual pathway plans for each Curious Creator are designed, developed and mapped over the long term, with professional opportunities both within and outside the company made available through a range of innovative components:

‘Artists in Community’ Seed Commissions

From 2018, CuriousWorks have begun a series of community collaborations that will form the major body of work for the company over the next five years. We are supporting three emerging ‘Associate Artists’ each year to develop their own creative concepts and to work with their communities on a creative development stage of these new works.

Story Circle

Each year CuriousWorks holds a Story Circle, bringing together the Associate Artists, members of their communities, other Curious Creators and staff over two days to interrogate the range of ideas and possibilities that have emerged from the seed commissions. Through this process, we collectively decide on an annual major work to nurture the following year. In this way, CuriousWorks enables stories, empowers storytellers and builds cultural and artistic leadership capacity.

Creative Production ‘Makers Space’

Developing skills in creative production and new media, the Makers Space is curated at the intersection between storytelling, technology and DIY innovation. This program is designed to explore the future of storytelling (optical, audio, interfaced, interactive). CC’s are invited participate in a dynamic series of new media workshops and masterclasses with outcomes that feed into a series of fun and experimental public Makers Spaces across Western Sydney.

Writers Group

Led by one of our Associate Artists, Miranda Aguilar, the Writers Group is a peer-led weekly story-writing session and a safe-zone for young people and Curious Creator peers wanting to develop new theatre, screen and digital media works that speak to the intercultural, diverse and resilient nature of Western Sydney.

Professional Quarterlies

Alongside these other components, CuriousWorks runs The Professional Q’s are a series of four high calibre workshops each year to support technical knowledge, experimentation and professional protocols. Topics are often guided by the work taking place within other areas of the CC’s program and have included professional profiling, protocols for working with children, script development and film editing.

Curious Women

From 2018, CuriousWorks have introduced the CuriousWomen Program, consisting of comprehensive, tailored support for female artists with leadership potential & dedicated artistic practice. Leadership training & professional development opportunities are wrapped around support for their artistic concepts, equipping these young women with the knowledge and skills to lead a major collaborative work within the company. The program provides a rich learning ground for talented young female artists as they engage with their communities to inform a new body of work, learn to navigate the sector & understand what it means to be a leader.



A critical component of the CC’s Program is our Social Enterprise fee-for-service program. For over 10 years, CuriousWorks have worked with councils, schools, community organisations and corporations across the country, delivering professional film production services and workshops that cater to all levels of talent, experience and background. This work is now primarily being delivered by our Curious Creators, who are paired with experienced industry professionals to deliver a range of specialised services to our clients.

Our approach is unique in that it generates employment pathway opportunities, professional development and paid on-the job experience for our Curious Creators. The Social Enterprise Program also builds diversity in NSW creative industries and is a sustainable and independent income stream for CuriousWorks. Check out what we can offer you here.


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