CuriousWorks is a unique community arts and media organisation that shapes Australia’s cultural future by nurturing new voices, strengthening cultural leadership and telling powerful stories that embrace the cultural vitality in communities, in everyday life.

We are a vibrant ensemble of next gen artists, storytellers, media makers and mentors from Western Sydney, working with our own communities and across Australia, to build grassroots innovation, foster social connection, and create inspiring arts experiences that connect us, hold up our truths and resonate with global significance and reach.

Creative engagement, skills development, art-making and mentorship continue to be our core business. We recognise the importance of identity, connection to culture, and the intrinsic value of arts and culture to community health and wellbeing and it is through our work that we aim to open eyes and ears to our shared future, through story.

Working at the intersection of storytelling, technology and DIY innovation, CuriousWorks sits squarely in the multi-arts, media landscape, continually evolving with the tools, platforms and technologies available. These digital and human forms of storytelling open the door to a world of new possibilities and innovative ways to create and share stories with community, both locally and globally.

CuriousWorks shapes Australia’s cultural future by unleashing the next generation of community arts and cultural leaders to create an innovative, accessible arts and media scene for all Australians.


  • Create OPPORTUNITY for young people, diverse and new Australian artists.
  • Celebrate IMAGINATION as a catalyst for innovation, change and renewal.
  • Work with RESPECT to listen, learn, collaborate and challenge our practice in community.
  • Build a foundation of TRUST, INTEGRITY AND HONESTY with our community over the long-term.
  • Inspire an accessible, caring and INCLUSIVE culture that extends a warm WELCOME to all.


CuriousWorks has been at the forefront of diverse storytelling, creative engagement and arts access in Australia since 2005.

In 2005, CuriousWorks was a bold and ambitious start-up committed to telling diverse community stories, led by a young CaLD artist from Western Sydney, our founding director, S. Shakthidharan.  Over the last decade we have matured into a respected cultural organisation which has developed emerging artistic leaders from diverse backgrounds, each with ambitious and achievable visions to tell their own stories, in their own ways, and for the benefit of their own communities.

We are an artist-led, nimble and responsive community organisation which provides cultural leadership in our sector. We have made work in collaboration with a multitude of organisations, neighbourhoods, artists and community participants, working together at every stage in the creative journey to grow our reputation for telling new Australian stories that spark cultural change.






Curious Creators Ensemble

The Curious Creators Program is CuriousWorks holistic CACD model in practice. 

It is a high-quality skills development program that is growing the next-generation of talented young media makers and storytellers from Western Sydney.

The Curious Creators are young people who have typically come up through our grassroots programs. They may have their dreams set on a career in the arts or are just excited to create and explore, but importantly, they are interested in creative collaboration and are connected and committed to their communities.

Individual pathway plans for each Curious Creator are designed, developed and mapped over the long term, with professional opportunities both within and outside the company made available.

From 2020, the Curious Creators Ensemble will combine elements from previous programs (e.g. CuriousWomen, Makers Space, Writers Group) to bring all the Curious Creators together as an ensemble through term-based, multi-arts workshop program. They’ll be working together towards a major artwork creation to be presented at Urban Stories.

Professional Quarterlies:

The Professional Quarterlies are a series of four high caliber workshops provided each year to support technical knowledge, experimentation and professional protocols open to the public. Topics are often guided by the work taking place within other areas of the CC’s program and have included professional profiling, protocols for working with children, script development and film editing.

Story Circle:

Each year CuriousWorks holds a Story Circle, bringing together the Associate Artists, members of their communities, other Curious Creators and staff over two days to interrogate the range of ideas and possibilities that have emerged from the seed commissions. Through this process, we collectively decide on an annual major work to nurture the following year. In this way, CuriousWorks enables stories, empowers storytellers and builds cultural and artistic leadership capacity.

Social Enterprise Fee-For-Service Program:

Our paired employment and on-the-job mentorship program for emerging artists and CACD practitioners which services the digital media, video production and community engagement needs of Western Sydney and beyond. This successful program builds diversity in NSW creative industries, creates opportunities for young artists to develop professional skills and is a sustainable and independent income stream for CuriousWorks. You can learn more  about our program, or get in contact with us as a potential client here.

GENerate 2168:

GENerate 2168 concentrates our work in an important community – the eight suburbs of 2168, Liverpool – with whom we’ve been working for the past decade through our ReFill Arts-in-Education program. GENerate 2168 is a five-year, flexible, multi-arts ‘place-making’ platform and program with young people from Miller, involving local artists, international artists and community in vibrant dialogue and exchange.

In 2020, this program will culminate in our pilot GENerate 2168 City Streets Festival and Annual Showcase as a live, multi-arts, interactive walking tour and mini-festival of discovery and exploration. All artwork will be created by the Curious Creators Ensemble and GENerate 2168.

WOW Kids Reporters:

The Way Out West Children’s Festival is the premier interactive festival celebrating young people’s curiosity and imagination. The festival features some of Australia’s leading artists creating work with, by and for young people and is delivered by Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

The WOW Kids Reporters is an exciting media program for children 8 to 12 years and includes training in event reporting, filming techniques and interviews. Coordinated by CuriousWorks, WOW Kids Reporters work as a team filming the festival, interviewing guests and artists, and most recently, live-streaming the festival online.


To learn more about how our work is making a change every year, read our annual reports:








You can read more about how our work directly impacts our artists here:
Mapping Emerging Artist Pathways & Impact





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